Argument in Favor of Measure K

Vote YES on K –continue maintaining outstanding reading, writing, math and science programs for our local Emeryville students, with NO increase in taxes!

Thanks to your support, student academic performance has significantly improved over the last few years in the Emery Unified School District. YES on K builds on these advancements, while continuing to provide excellent, quality education for our students.

  • YES on K simply renews existing funding with NO increase in current tax rates
  • YES on K maintains core academic programs in reading, writing, math and science
  • YES on K helps recruit and retain qualified teachers
  • YES on K keeps school libraries open
  • YES on K is fiscally responsible and includes Independent Citizens’ Oversight

If locally-approved funding is not renewed at current tax rates, at least 25% of funding for Emeryville’s schools will be eliminated — causing significant increases in class sizes. Remember, Measure K is NOT a new tax—it simply renews/continues an existing measure first adopted by Emeryville voters more than a decade ago to maintain vital funding for Emeryville’s schools.

NO money will be spent on administrators’ salaries, pensions or benefits, all funds will be spent in Emeryville for our local schools, and cannot be taken by Sacramento. An Independent Citizens Oversight Committee of Emeryville residents will continue to monitor all funds to ensure they are being spent as promised to you, the taxpayer. Seniors age 65 and up will continue to be exempt.

Our community is united on the importance of quality education and good schools, which are not only the right thing to support, but contribute to strong property values – vote YES on K!

Join a broad coalition including the Emeryville Chamber of Commerce, teachers, parents, seniors, and community leaders in voting YES on K!

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